February 6, 2011
By , Hickory, PA
She got just what she most wanted from you;
You call, your words jumbled, saying sorry
Salty drops of translucent sorrow true;
But she turns away in disbelief, sorry.
Words flying like broken tightrope walkers
As they fall, fast, hitting the ground loud, hard.
She sees them hit ground, the ants like stalkers,
They fast store the memories in their yard.
The birds still sing in the mornings, though
In present situation it seems life
Would stop, like my heart, since you had to go.
In the dreams, you are there playing the fife
As we look at each other; your eyes bright,
And the world so clear and new, like I shall
Have never, ever seen two people fight
And I wonder, father, am I still your gal?
Breaking up doesn’t seem quite so hard to do.

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