The Nut-Cracker

January 31, 2011
By Tolby BRONZE, Lakewood, Washington
Tolby BRONZE, Lakewood, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
""What happens when good people are put into an evil place? Do they triumph or does the situation dominate their past history and morality? -Philip Zimbardo"

A broken toy soldier stands his guard
Leaving me self assured,
With little to no regard
His charm aloof and sharp
He plucked at my strings like a harp
His sincere structure reflected an honest man
So, I believed him when he said he’d prove the he loved me-
In any way he can

He wound up his gun and fired away
My heart captivated and thrown his way
With my last breath, I swallowed defeat,
And became the one thing I detested-a helpless romantic swept off my feet

I believed he loved me and returned the bullet
He wound up the same, but look at me, he couldn’t
He says that he loves me either way,
But I know that’s just what he’s wound up to say

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