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January 24, 2011
By Slightly-Sane SILVER, Glenwood, Utah
Slightly-Sane SILVER, Glenwood, Utah
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Manifestation of the Raw Power of Heaven,
Sizzling Silent Shards from the Citadels of Riven,
Energy unknown to the simple beings below,
The Timeless Wrath of some long dead God within it flows,

From the clouds it descends upon the hopeless Mortals,
They scream and run, in vain, for their protective portals,
No Heavenly Being hears their cries or turns to save,
The Mortals, which rejected them from within their caves,

The Men who turned away from them, and began to run,
A nation, without Gods, where Mankind had made the sun,
Where science killed all myths, that kept the Poor Men hoping,
The Rich and Greedy made the rules, Men then learned Coping,

Within their Utopia of Power and Control,
The Mention of the Old Gods would put you on Death Row,
Speech flowed not free and the blind truly led the blind,
Within the Poor Men’s Hearts, lies once believed now unwind,

They have Seen the truth, felt its power, will not cower,
Flying high, upon flags, resides a crimson flower,
The Symbol of the Gods, long ago banished now soars,
Used as the battle cry for the killers of the boars,

Boars who had treated them as nothing more than tools,
Now fled before the sharp edged sword, forged from their own rules,
A New Sun rises above the heads, of those that fought,
The Men who ran from the Gods, now lay in piles and rot,

The Poor Men rise, New Men, who within hold no more fear,
They killed their oppressors, and did not shed one more tear,
For the Gods smiled mercifully upon them then,
And from their enemies, the Gods, did, those Men, defend.

The bolt of lightning fades, my eyes sting from its absence,
My mind whirls with this new knowledge, my muscles tense,
To my knees I fall, my strength gone, knowing now the cost,
Of our ignorance, pride, of what we have again lost,

For the lightning bolt was a spark, meant to enflame me,
To rise again, fight this foe, to finally be free,
Now Nature was screaming again, screaming to be seen,
The Safety and Lives of Men, upon my shoulder’s lean,

I am the Prophet of the World, Sent from Gods above,
To spread their words to Men, to plant within their hearts love,
Before the Second Lightning strike, which with it, death brings,
For all the men who could not see, or hear the bells ring.

The author's comments:
The poem "The Gods Of the Copybook Headings" by Rudyard Kipling inspired my poem that I had to do for my class assignment. If you have not yet read Kipling's Gods of Copybook Headings, read it.

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