Childless Father

January 25, 2011
By poemgal BRONZE, Reading, NY, Kentucky
poemgal BRONZE, Reading, NY, Kentucky
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Childless Father

Son of a bastard daughter of a martyr who could possibly tell the difference of upbringing?

Luiz exclaims he knows of his father's past the addiction to drugs and alcohol he once had

He also recollects in sheer madness his father walking out on the family day in and day out

As he unhinges his bedroom door a crack Luiz sees the vigor with which his father attacks

In a fit of furry Luiz attempts to fight back yet he knows he will lose so in silence he backs down

Many years have flew by since Luiz was a child now he carries the wild streak like his father

Now Luiz stands before a judge pretending he is full of remorse for life his life choices the verdict is life without parole

Little Ana Perez is the sister of Luiz a much wiser offspring at such a young age will she follow suit?

Her father was another many who once cared for the animals and was a minister overseas in places like the Middle East

She would help him preach to the poor and oppressed knowing it was her lives calling her destiny in life

The years rolled by as they did for Luiz a moment in time too quickly gone by a distant memory her being free her brother being a caged in bird behind bars

She walks down the aisle age 21 embarking on a monumental phase in life she is the first in the family to earn a college degree

Five years have passed since then she now has a family of her own they continue the mission of her father and their ancestors before.

The only clear cut difference that you will come to see is their families had different life styles and that the apple doesn't far from the tree

The dynamic Perez due has gone down in history as a family that has summed up well what life is really all about

The author's comments:
I guess since I don't have a dad anymore I wan't to go into a characters mind and tell their story.

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