The light

January 9, 2011
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Speedin on the streets,
That cold winter night,
Skidden on black ice,
I see a light.

An automated voice,
tellin me to hold on tight,
says it like i've got a choice,
says everything'll be okay tonight.

I just can't seem to hold on,
My life flases 'fore my eyes,
Sitten in the cold night,
I see a light.

I hear the sirens blarin,
But my eyes won't open up,
I hear some voices yellin,
As they get out the heart pumps.

I’m told just to hold on,
There tryin to save my life,
But I can’t help myself,
I start walking towards the light.

I feel my body movin,
As air fills up my lungs,
The voices getting clearer,
The lights fading away.

The lights faded completely,
Their voices loud and clear,
The heroes who rescued me,
Are standing near.

My eyelids flutter meekly,
To the doctors disbelief,
My life is changed completely,
I’m done with givin grief.

Everything is clear now,
I can change the world,
Instead of heroes savin me,
I can save the day.

Fifty years from now,
I’ll be tellin how,
Instead of causing strife,
I was in a crash that saved my life

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