Freedom's Call

January 23, 2011
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The morning has dawned and cast its rays upon the valley of darkness

I am summoned to the field for endless hours of toil yearning one day

To hear freedom's call reassuring me I would not sink or fall.

The afternoon beckons its head in great dismay at my work ethic for the day

Its sheer disapproval furthers my desire to hear freedom's call and heed it

Hoping it leads me to a better place away from such shame and disgrace

Where the gentle water well trickle down my face

The night brings the morning and afternoon three-fold

Into a sequence of events that will determine if I am worthy enough to comply

With freedom's call or am to apprehensive to reply and hide myself away

Hibernating until the revelation of a better day where souls will be reborn

And the heart will know the difference between a rain shower and a horrendous storm

A new dawn rises over the mountain range within it is a vision

That instructs me to impart in him an offering fit to receive freedom's call

Or else into the fiery flames I would fall clinging to dear life by a single thread

With a band of hells angels circling my head over the fiery coals

I would be forced to tread till eternity met its shameful end

The last word is said the judgment has being made

I have accepted freedom's call and will come to see better days

I will live my days to the fullest extent recalling many times the pain

That was spent on ensuring every menial task was done

Bringing more wealth and style to the wealthiest ones

My dream has come true as clear as the evening dew

Could it be that freedom's call is also trying to reach you?

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