"the war to end all wars"

January 20, 2011
By lxg1495 BRONZE, Los Alamitos, California
lxg1495 BRONZE, Los Alamitos, California
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Loud are the cries of men in pain
To a country that sends them out in vain,
But yet and still they bare their arms
And march across the fields and farms,
Still they march on to die in vain
For a country that will never remember their name
For the war to end all wars

Women they are and children they be
Bare yellow hands in hopes to see,
Fathers, sons, brothers and loves
They bare their arms and give to thee
Weapons for which they wish not to see,
But for thine country you’ll give it all
Knowing you may never see your son so small,
As a mother you will give to your nation
You and god’s greatest creation
To the war to end all wars

Bullets sing as if to fly
To the sound of great bertha’s cry,
Gaze they do upon a blood-soaked sky
And listen to the sad sound of angels cry
Climb over the wire of barb to the valley at hand
To walk within the shadow of no man’s land,
As he gives one last heavy sigh
And sees that last flash of life fly
With his gun he begs to differ, this must be
The war to end all wars
Or at least the war to end me,

Then he reaches up for Hermes hand
As he levitates above the sand
While they fly so high and wait to meet
St. Peter and his marvelous fleet
He takes on last look upon the ground
And falls to his knees without a sound
As he looked below the sky
He saw his dear old mama cry
Why she says how can this be
How could you take my baby from me?
I’ve lost him to
The war to end all wars

So when you grow your mustard seed
Remember these words that I head
Take not a side of your nation
And remember that we are all gods’ creation
Listen is the only way to mend the ties
And restore us all back to allies
So swiftly I pray will come the end
Of his war to end all wars

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about WWI

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