Rainbow Flowers for Mom

January 17, 2011
By Shortstop BRONZE, Layton, Utah
Shortstop BRONZE, Layton, Utah
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The flowers in meadows glisten in light,
They face the sun after hours of night.
In the sunrise they will wake up and yawn,
Smiling with joy as they welcome the dawn.

Peaceful and silent the colors a hue,
Beautiful shades of red, yellow, and blue.
The rainbow swirls of colors collate.
The colors an artist couldn't create.

Red is for all the love that fills my heart,
And causes the sorrow when we are apart.
Orange is the energy, good laughs and smiles,
The memories built on the thousands of miles.

Yellow is the sun as it shines inside you,
And brightens my day with each happy view.
Green is the nature you bring where ever you go,
The sensual way you show everything you know.

Blue represents the smooth, calm ocean, oh so clear,
The happiness hidden inside of each and every tear.
Violet is the magic within you I do see,
Your originality, your sense to be so free.

I visualize your lovely face and the way it glows,
As I pick the flowers from our garden rainbows.
I think of how happy you’ll be when I come home,
With a handful of flowers and this special poem.

The author's comments:
My mom inspired this poem. She does so much for me. I wanted to recognize her in everything she does to make my life better. I hope everyone tries harder to recognize the good things their family, friends and loved ones do for them.

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