Her Love

January 19, 2011
Just in a moments sight I was lost in mind
Endangered by the love I uphold and hope to bind
Never cease to stop my heart and halt my breathe
Nicely captivated by her mysterious eyes I love to death

Insignificant at my attempts at apprehending her love
Ferociously I fought to get it until the day I go above
Enjoying every moment of the task at hand
Repeatedly until the day I leave this land

Juxtaposed of what I see in her
Extremely my mind starts to yonder and it turns into a blur
Naive in thought of what in twines me with this girl
Kindly I ignore these thoughts I implore she such a beauty; a pearl

Incredibly unable not to melt with contact
No one can deny me her love with it being so compact
Sorry to those who want to take her from me
Love conquers all and to her I hold the key<3

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BasshunterXD said...
Feb. 7, 2011 at 9:57 pm
if you can tell it says the name ofthe person, that i wrote the poem about.
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