There's Something

January 17, 2011
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something is what only the rain can say...
Something only rain can take away,
something's different in the rhythm of the raindrops today.

there's a feeling only water can describe,
there's an emotion only tears can try to hide,
there is a fence and what I want isn't on this side

something changes when the water falls on me,
Something's visible when the tears wont let me see,
Something allows me to allow myself to be

there is a difference in the way I feel tonight,
there is a way about the way i chose to fight,
there is nothing let to prove until daylight.

Somethings missing when the rain it will not stay,
Something is calling me and whispering my name,
Something is telling me, this time, it's not a game.

there is a silence in the way I cannot hear,
There is a serenity in the way i feel this fear.
there's familiarity in this disaster. this year.

Something is in the rhythm of the rain...
Something tries to take away my pain...
Something... something is calling my name

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