Off The Ground

January 17, 2011
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I thought I could be strong,
I thought i could move on,
I wished my pain away,
But I knew that it would stay.

I held my head up high,
I never let them see me cry.
I help all of my pain within,
I couldn't let the flood begin.

I wished to obtain a heart of stone,
For i thought I would always be alone,
but the rivers never ran dry...
I seemed to catch nobody's eye...

I thought life would be easier,
With a voice that was just quieter,
Silenced, my vocal chord I would block.
But it's not so simple, talking to a rock.

I thought I could be a stone,
Able to sit still, and alone,
but I am not meant to harm another,
I am not meant to tear down my brother.

I thought that i was stationary,
But i realized I am the aviary.
I alone can get away,
From the world that causes the rocks to stay.

Gravity has no hold on me,
As I rise above and feel it around me,
I thought I held a rock within,
but I realized I was born to love the wind.

The wind that causes the water to move,
The gust that allows the howls to prove,
The Blustering breeze that fills the trees,
With the laughter of the centuries.

The wind cannot complete me,
but it has healed me so completely,
that I know of the mistakes I've made,
Without the weight of the game I played.

I am not of the earth you see,
I have the wind, beneath my feet.

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