January 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Somewhere in this world there is a girl
She sings beauty and smiles light,
That girl is you.
A free spirit sailing on the wind like a kite—
My dear Nightingale—
Life loves your might
But that love ripped us apart one night,
Oh my dear Nightingale.

I remember your talents
And all that I loved about you.
Shakespeare is jealous in his grave of the words you write,
Muhammad Ali envies the way you fight—
My dear Nightingale—
That envy was shared by all with sight,
They saw our love and grew did their own love appetite,
My dear Nightingale.

We laid on the cool grass
Staring up into the stars.
What a beautiful sight
As I gave into your eyes that night—
My dear Nightingale—
Your eyes, I bet, still twinkle like stars at twilight
The sparkle large and vibrant white,
Oh my dear Nightingale.

Your hair is a soft auburn
Your eyes jade green
Your hand in mine was so perfectly right
I ache without your arms around me tight—
My dear Nightingale—
Our love could have soared to an enormous height
But you were offered an apple and you took a bite,
Oh my dear Nightingale.

The last day of our love came and went
The last day of my life.
You stepped onto the train which spoke might,
You were filled with bittersweet feelings, I with fright—
My dear Nightingale—
How am I supposed to live in this broken life?
Part of me, unfortunately not all of me, died on that site,
Oh my dear Nightingale.

I wish we could talk now about our lives,
Who we’ve loved, what we’ve tried.
You were all I had, my day my night,
You fill my mind so much it spilled on this paper tonight—
My dear Nightingale—
Come back to me with wings of flight!
I love you and always will,
My dear Nightingale,

The author's comments:
This was based off of the lay out of Annabell Lee

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