Angels and Harlots

January 13, 2011
Look at you crawling back in your Yankee cap
I’ll reject you and turn down your offer
I’ll never change a thing about myself
Never again, not after you
You’re nothing to me, not even in dreams

I was young and naïve when I wrote you that poem
And now I’ve forgotten your famous last words
You taught me what it means to be hurt
To be tricked and abused, broken and used
We haven’t spoken in nearly five years
And I couldn’t careless, you’re so childish

I did everything you asked,
And I know it couldn’t last.
You are the last one I want to see here
I can’t believe just who you’ve become
A broken mirror and a diary page
Is all I have left of a star crossed girl.

My memories of our lives faded
You’re just a ghost in my life story now
I can’t even remember your smile
Your voice is slipping from my head
You taught me to smile and we shared a summer
I’m sorry things never worked out
But I’ve spent years learning how to live since

To whom it may concern,
We had something, you know
It was pure, we were happy
And you threw it all away.
You threw it in my face.
But look what happened, I’m still here
You’re sinking quick, and there’s no one to save you.

And I must confess, too, I tried to impress you
But your hollow laughter is just too much.
Why do you play your twisted games?
A witch casts a spell, and I just won’t have it
You make me sick, I hope you’re happy now
Because I’m not the fool you played me for
It’s safe to say that I’m much, much more

And only one could make me whole
Taught me to love and rescued my soul
And she’s still Round Here,
I’ve got to be doing something right.
Freckled skin, I’m back where I started
The one for me, an angel among harlots
The rest fall forgotten, she’s all that I see
I promise you this, love; you’re all that I need

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