Tucson Tragedy--Memorial

January 13, 2011
One Saturday morning
Soon-to-be grievous day
Some citizens met
The American way:

In a grocery store
To learn 'bout government
To have their voice heard;
To talk to a representative.

Meetings like it'd been held
From when America was born
To the present day--
But nothing like this happened before.

One man and one gun
In one grocery store
Killed six people that day--
And wounded many more.

Among the wounded
A legislator
And among the dead....

A nine-year-old girl.

The girl breathed her last.
Lived not even to ten;
Innocent little patriot
Cut down in a moment.

Born September 11--
But as she lived, through the years
She'd blessed many people
In her bright spirit here.

God, bless America
As she blessed her town
Bring peace on earth
Like the peace she's now found.

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