Guitar and Strings

January 10, 2011
By AngelaRodriguez SILVER, Eatonville, Washington
AngelaRodriguez SILVER, Eatonville, Washington
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She used to be a happy set of stings
Tied in tune with her guitar
Together they made beautiful things
Until the guitar decided she wasn’t up to par
Now forever they are afar

She walked the streets alone
Seeing other strings and guitars together
Wishing she could make music on her own
To make things worse she was in bad weather
She was feeling like a lone feather

How could her guitar leave her?
Their music was the best
Their love will never reoccur
Oh, she was so depressed
Will her angst ever rest?

Stings are not meant to live life solely
A set of lonely stings is just bizarre
So she tried to find another guitar woefully
Have you heard of something as sad thus far,
As strings without a guitar?

The strings searched for another mate
And she found a guitar she thought was the real deal
But he was of a different trait
He needed strings made of steel
But she is nylon, and therefore not ideal


Meanwhile on the other side of town
There was a guitar sitting alone
The poor fellow was feeling down
Because his strings are unknown
So now he can’t even produce a groan

He searched the world for the right set of nylon
But to no avail
He wanted something to guide him, like a pylon
He couldn’t believe that his strings would just bail
Without them he will surely fail

One day he spotted a possible mate
Only to discover she would not meet his needs
For she was of steel, oh cruel fate!
Is this punishment for his bad deeds?
Or is life nothing but misleads?

Everywhere he went he saw happy pairs
Guitars as happy as kings
A lone guitar draws stares
Have you heard of sadder things,
Than that of a guitar without strings?


The poor stings have given up all hope
The guitar felt the same
So they went to the park to mope
They both felt lame
And full of shame

Then their eyes met!
Could it be?
Would the guitar have strings on top of his frets?
Was there a lone guitar by the tree?
Yes there was, as far as she could see!

They walked as in a dream
To see if they had met a match
Soon they realized they made the perfect team
They fell in love by the strawberry patch
Not believing their luck at this perfect catch

Never again did they feel sad
Because from then on they where together
Nothing would ever be bad
No longer feeling like a lone feather
They made beautiful music forever

The author's comments:
I've wanted to do a poem like this for a while, and then I got inspiration from my guitar :)

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