Insane in War

January 8, 2011
By AnyWho2 BRONZE, Eagle Point, Oregon
AnyWho2 BRONZE, Eagle Point, Oregon
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"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."-e.e. Cummings

There was this doctor
He was quite a mocker
His name was Tye
And he hoped not to die

His friend was a clerk
He lived at work
Him and his teddy bear
Whom he handled with care

Then there was John
He liked chiffon
He was always in a dress
Because of the stress

There was a war on you see
For some people to be free
So it was okay to be crazy
As long as you weren't lazy

They worked in a hospital
Where everyone was brittle
And covered in blood and mud
Like an entire flood

They were part of a MASH
Where in a flash
It could be gone
Kinda like dawn

There was so much death
And barley any breath
You were so numb
You didnt know where you were from

You had to act insane
To lessen the pain
There is so much gore
Because of this war

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