High School Blues

January 6, 2011
By LeleP BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
LeleP BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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I sit in class wondering, how long do i have to deal wit school
a feeling that cant go away so i call it the high school blues.
bus stop, waiting on the bus seems to take all day...
wish you could have stay home but your mother not letting you have your way..
waking up seems as if you just went to sleep not to long ago
you grab breakfast, booksack,jacket and hit the door..
you meet up with your friends like everyday, and it seems to be the same routine..
your not a morning person, u refuse to talk so some people call you mean..
while all the other students conversate and gossip about others..
you still in the zone of sleeping under your warm, comfortable covers
Bus pulls up to the campus full of joyful students, who happy to see you..
but why are they so happy...i saw them yesterday like any other day we do..
so the first period bell goes off and you strolls to class..
you never on time, im sick of da hall monitor asking
"where is your pass"?
you finally make it to class to hear the annoying teacher who doesnt stop talking..
Gives out test every other day, cant cheat so she get to walking..
Up and down, up and down my row, she dying to catch me..So i jot down all the answers i know
When the bell finally rings to be dismissed, all so excited
but the High school blues feeling you cant fight it..
Your friend is talkin away but you dnt hear her..
Its sad how i feel about school and im a senior..
Ready to get it over with because i went through hell with high school days..
the popular students, they mean,conceited ways..
Made fun of me to the point where iwanted to give up..
I am the smartest of all, but my friends are dumb dats wat sucks
who's gonna have the last laugh when im the top student..
im not giving up and no one will ruin it..
Im so happy that the day is over and done..
Go home and enjoy family, and have fun..
I know you may be wondering why i feel this way, you havent heard the News..
But trust me im not the only student who has the High school blues

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