Just A Girl

January 3, 2011
Whenever I see your face,
I race back in time.
To all the good times,
the memories, times we shined.

all the jokes that we shared,
that no one else got.
Those days at the beach,
and the times that we fought.

We had ups, we had downs,
We did what we had to,
to charish the ups,
and work out the downs.

But now, i look at you,
you've changed, changed a lot.
Your hair, your face,
the clothes that you bought.

I look, and I think,
"Who is she? That girl over there".
Because I see you, its you,
But not the you that I know.

In your mind I'm sure,
I was just another friend.
A person who cared, truly cared,
enough to let you in.

But in my mind,
your more. Not just a friend.
But a sister, a best friend.
And I let you in.

Into my life.
Into my home.
Into my world.
I let you in.

But you walked in,
and decided to go.
You left your footprints.
And they'll always show.

And I see you there,
with your new friends.
The "cool" people.
Your not the girl I know.

I hear you talking.
Your not the same,
you sound different.
Not the girl that I know.

But then our eyes meet!
Just out of the blue.
And I can see her, in your eyes
that girl I once knew.

I wave and you stare.
Like I'm a stranger.
Just some random person
and we've never met.

So I race back to reality.
Your not that girl. Not my sister.
Not my best friend.
Because now, your just a girl.
Just a girl. That I knew.

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