The Tale of the Knight

January 2, 2011
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He knelt before the sovereign king
To be pronounced a knight.
The cold steel fell and rose and fell,
His shoulders they did smite.

He stood so proud and looked afar,
To look upon the south.
To see the king's great enemy.
He looked and dropped his mouth.

Upon the fire mountain stood,
The fiercest of them all-
The devil himself glaring there,
Upon the mountain tall.

The knight he knew just then and there,
Where he just had to go-
To prove his loyalty that day,
Across deserts, across snow.

He walked and swam all of the way-
To reach the golden shore,
For the mountain where the Devil stood
Was the mountain of the lore.

The ancient homes of all the kings
That ruled the land before-
The Devil became the conqueror
Of the mountain of the lore.

He crawled the slopes unto the place
The Devil scowled in spite-
Exhausted and worn out he comes
To face the enemy of the light.

The Devil laughed, "How can you win?
You barely stand right now.
You should give up this foolish quest,
And give ME just one bow."

"You foolish beast," he spat right out.
"You think that you have won?
I'm here to say you've lost your touch.
You're beaten now, I've won"

With that he thrust his special sword
Given to him by the King-
Into the Devil's darkened heart
That only felt the sting.

"You foolish knight, you baffling fool.
You think that YOU have won?
My soul is much more stronger
Than you ever will become."

"My sword is not my weapon,
I need no earthly tools.
My strength comes from my heavenly king.
His words shall melt your soul,"

And so began the courageous knight
To cite his Father's hand.
Yes, all along this strange knight was
The King's son of the land.

The words began to cut and slice
The Devil's only tool.
His strength to swoon the best of them,
To make the brave one's drool.

He fell into the fiery pit.
The Son had finally won.
The Devil's body burned away,
Defeated by God's Son.

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