Those Eyes

December 27, 2010
By Anonymous

I look in the mirror and focus on the first thing I see.
It is a pair of glossy eyes staring back at me.
They look so tired, so lost.
There must be some big cause.
Below those eyes are rivers of black.
I hope the passion in them finds its way back.
what happened to the spark?
Now they're just pure dark.
Those eyes, they used to be so full of life.
Now all I see in them in is strife.
They used to be wide open.
Everything has been taken.
That helpless creature-
and my eyes are just one feature.

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on Jan. 15 2011 at 10:41 pm
stickyfingers SILVER, Wake Forest, North Carolina
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I love it! I kinda wish it were my own =) Great Job!!! If you have dreams to publish your poems and make money, you are totally there! I hope you consider this, I really like your style of writing.

Best Wishes!


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