I Remember

December 22, 2010
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I remember last night
Don’t you
You told me
Think before you do
But I guess I didn’t listen
Because look where I am now
I'm thinking of you
And wondering, how?
I remember your arms around me
The strong beating of your heart
The firmness of your hand
Oh where do I start?
I thought it wasn’t bad
Because I had only one
But obviously I was so stupid
I might as well used a gun
I remember when that other car hit me
I had just noticed the red light
And had thought groggily
How bright it was in the night
When my face hit the windshield
Everything was slow
The blood droplets looked like rubies
How could I know
That it was the last time
I would experience life
The love and joy
Inside is all this strife
I remember those medics
With their coats so white
They were looking sad down at me
Their faces drawn tight
“It’s to late for her now”
One of them said
“we didn’t get here in time,
she is already dead”
I remember they didn’t listen
As I screamed and bled
And they zipped the black bag
Over my head
I remember my family
The night that I died
I hadn’t said I love you
Just that I needed a ride
But I want you to tell them
The difference they have made
That I love my mom and sister
And to put daddy’s girl on my grave
The memories are fading
I have lost the key
I feel like I’m going to die again
Because I remember, you were in the car with me

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