December 9, 2010
Why do I want to cry?
Why do I want to scream?
I thought I was happy
To figure this out.

I guess I was wrong
To love you for so long.
Now I see that we connect;
Each other we reflect.

When I talk you
There's a twinkle in you eye.
My love for you
It makes me want to cry.

Why am I scared?
Why do I worry?
Why do you send
Me mixed messages?

I try to hide it.
I try fight it.
You and me.
Could we ever be?

Every time your near
I get filled with fear.
Fear of rejection.
Fear of humiliation.

Why do I get nervous?
I’m nervous only around you.
Why do I get excited?
Do you realize its all because of you?

Is there something
That I’m missing?
Could there be a sign
That clearly tells me what to do?

What does that sign say?
Does it say to keep going strait
Or does it say to
Quite simply flip a u.

Why should I move along?
Why not stay right here?
Where I feel I belong,
But is this where I’m meant to be?

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