Her Hope

December 22, 2010
By Liberty_Cobain GOLD, Gratiot, Ohio
Liberty_Cobain GOLD, Gratiot, Ohio
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"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." Kurt Cobain.

Down the sidewalk, She walks on by,

A single tear rolling down her eye,

With her mothers words echoing through her head,

Since the moment she crawled out of her bed. "

You're worthless, you're so far from great.

You mean nothing to me, get that straight."

What hurt her the most, what cut her like a knife

Is that her alcoholic dad did nothing to stop his wife.

And all the times like these, she was always let down,

Wishing she was daddy's little princess with a wand and a crown.

She walked into the classroom prepared for the stares

And the gossip that all of her classmates shared.

Here she was, her hair and clothes, tattered, unkempt, always a mess.

How's someone alone so young supposed to know how to look or dress?

She suffered through the morning, about to go through with her plan,

To escape this sixth grade from hell, her life in her hands.

She walked on to lunch, and sat down at her table alone,

With pills, this queen was about to step down from her throne.

She wanted to take her life To leave behind her strife,

But she put down that bottle when she opened her lunch sack.

There was more to it than just what food she had packed.

Inside her brown lunch bag there was a folded up note,

She was surprised to find what her older brother had wrote.

It read: "sis, mom knows nothing, I think you're great.

One day she'll realize, she made a huge mistake.

I know it's hard and we've got it rough, But I still love you, if that's enough."

Her eyes filled with tears and dripped down her face.

It was like his words put her back in the race.

He'd probably never realize how much his thoughts meant to her that day,

But after reading them, she took that bottle of drugs and threw it away

It felt like she had finally broke free from the rope,

His love went further than planned, it gave her hope.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by a story I read on lovegivesmehope.com and all those people out there who never give up, no matter what.

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