What Is Beauty?

November 29, 2010
By lonelyfallenstar GOLD, Kirkland, Washington
lonelyfallenstar GOLD, Kirkland, Washington
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When you look at beauty you will not see pretty things;
No perfect hair or fashion trends or silk or diamond rings.
For when you look at beauty you will see a soul that sings,
That cries and laughs and hears your spite, but flies away on wings.

Now there are some who hide themselves in lies and haute couture,
And then there are the ones that don’t, for they are always sure.
And you can be as certain too! Or…be like those that were.
So…tell me now (please honestly) the way that you prefer.

Before you see their faces, I will tell you of two girls,
There’s one that laughs and dreams about the wonders of her world.
The other one is never pleased, and drapes herself with pearls.
…I think that neither you nor I would like the second girl.

Well that’s all well and good, I guess, but now I’ll prove my claim,
First off, I’ll ask, “Is it your wish for all to be the same?”
You know, with no variety, this world is rather lame,
And though they say they’re wild and free, I say they’re rather tame.

Is beauty something tangible that’s painted on the skin?
I don’t think something’s beautiful if it’s a matching twin.
Although there may be those live with glamour and in sin,
The truest kind of beauty is the kind that lies within.

So next time that you judge a “freak,” give her a second chance
Though she won’t be the prettiest, she might know how to dance!
Does she have to be the hottest girl to give you great romance?
You might find that a girl’s a girl…just take another glance.

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