Hang Sou, Vietnam

November 22, 2010
By PvtMiller BRONZE, Stuart, Nebraska
PvtMiller BRONZE, Stuart, Nebraska
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They flew in on choppers, what fools they were,
Full of testosterone and determination and pride.
Belligerent beings, man can become
Why must we be that way?

Devils in the skin, we quietly thought,
How dare they intrude our home.
“What is their business here, now?”
“N?p v? khí, Load the weapons!”

Like falling leaves, they parachuted down
Down, down, down to our cleared-out valley
Anti-aircraft fills the air, lifeless bodies plunge

“Có quá nhi?u, There are too many!”
The bloodstained grass fills with soldiers
Men, rather boys, just boys they are
With their thoughts of killing now turned into fear

They scatter with no leaders, no colonels, no generals
Disorganization – the perfect time to attack
“S?n sàng lên, Ready up. We will take the fight to them.”
“Attach bayonets. We have a fight on our hands.”

Leaving them little time time regroup, we attack
“Cho Ho Chi!” Battle cries ring out. “Phí!”
A sea of men charge down the hill,
Bayonets gleaming in the sun, bullets whizzing

They seem like scattered boats, closed in by an ocean of NVA
Every step brings them closer to death
Running like a crazy man, I feel immortal
There is already a sense of victory in the air

We can feel the hair of their arms, slashing and punching
And soon a voice of someone in charge shouts “NOW.”
American forces appear from every which way
Trapping us poor souls in the crossfire

With no chance of surrender, I take the bullet meant for me
Now a child is fatherless, a wife without a husband
Just trying to defend my home and keep the peace
But I now realize that greed has brought my own demise.

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