Running Away

November 22, 2010
By Kayleen Sturdivant BRONZE, Atkinson, Nebraska
Kayleen Sturdivant BRONZE, Atkinson, Nebraska
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She was running down the street,
Going nowhere but there,
The corner of the street is coming around,
While she kept running towards the stars.

She gets closer and closer the faster she runs,
The more she runs,
The farther away from her past she gets,
The better her life gets.

As she runs by the stores,
She stops and stares at her reflection in the windows.
She couldn’t stop staring at herself with all the makeup she wears,
She likes the way her body looks in the window.

She kept on reaching for the stars,
And walked by the water fountain.
She looked for a penny in her pocket,
Took it out and made a wish while throwing it in.

She looked for a few seconds and went on with her life,
A few minutes later,
She looked up at the cloudy, dark sky,
It began to rain.

The harder the rain came down,
The faster she ran,
She kept getting closer and closer to the end of her journey,
Her night ended faster than she thought it would.

The next morning she left at 3:00 am,
She never thought her mind would be so empty as it is now,
She went on and on thinking her mom would kill her,
If she heard what she did.

The night that she had left was the night she and her parents got into an argument,
She decided she better turn back around,
She turned and there were police officers following her,
They escorted her home.

The author's comments:
A girl gets mad at her parents, and so she runs away from home not knowing where she is going.

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