I'm Sorry (A teenage Ballad)

November 18, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm sorry you're gone
Sorry I still go on
Humming this old song
Every day until the next dawn

I'm sorry you're what I think of
Still when people bring up love
Sorry I cannot seem to move
Beyond us, beyond you

I'm sorry I find you disarming
In my head, you're still known as darling
Sorry that I stand here smiling
Pretending it's at me you're looking

I'm sorry you're in my thoughts
What I think of when all is lost
Sorry that despite many frosts
I'm stuck in the one where we talked

I'm sorry that you hate me
Or think I hate you passionately
it doesn't matter really
Either ends the story

I'm sorry that we belong
I'm sorry that doesn't matter
I'm sorry you've moved on
I'm sorry I won't see you later

The author's comments:
I really don't much care for the obviously juvenile mush people my age endlessly churn out, but I figure I can indulge my urge to act my age every once in a while.

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