Caught in a Web

November 20, 2010
By HanyouInny SILVER, New City, New York
HanyouInny SILVER, New City, New York
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"A doodle a day keeps the creative mind in play" ~Me

Place your burning heart into my hand?Buried within it a promise for tomorrow?Whisper into my yearning ears?Let me take all your sorrows??Call for me when no one will listen?Close your eyes and I'll be there?Follow me into the darkness?Haunting you in a nightmare??I make colors fade to grays?No joy comes from this art?Caressing hands become a sticky web?Like the one I've got on your heart??You cannot escape my eternal grasp?Pulling taut on my strings, creeping into your being?Sucking dry any hope you had left?Making your life have no meaning??Try to remember life before you met me?Loving faces turn to dust?Their ashes cannot dry your tears?I'll end your pain, stick a dagger in your bust??Maimed, your blood bleeds upon the floor?Thrashing at your heart til the job is done?Now you fall my forgotten puppet, a dead corpse?Such a fate is destined for everyone

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