our wars of imperialism

November 24, 2010

You can die but money is immortal
Cordial war miss understandings
Concealing secret capitalist demandings
Branding countries with our companies overseas
As long as America gets paid let the workers bleed
Free market has no need for morals
Let the enslaved toil for oil
Less than human if they’re not on American soil
Blood boils as injustices grow
No longer can terrorism be the scapegoat foe
Crows lined up around innocent casualties of shock and awe shows
Nationalistic and dogmatic religious blows from both sides
Leaves no room for peace to reside
No democracy when the people can’t decide on war
So many excuses can’t remember what these battles are for
We let our own starve while we carve
Hate into people’s minds, eventual retaliation landmines
In time will enact justified revenge
Lest we forget the world is on a binge
Of scientific laws, an action of hate to cause a people to cringe
Will hinge their vowed harm to our flag
A systematic law we’ve managed to keep in a bag
God weeps at the lag of peace’s progress
All awakened digress, we’re a damn mess

The author's comments:
america is an empire, not a well meaning nation and conducts itself as such

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