November 24, 2010

Along the way you lost your face
And as consequence learned to live in disgrace
Set the pace faster to avoid my own disaster
Plaster effigies faces to broken walls
Though in memory they were only hazes throughout halls
Of friends with god complexes to the end
And portraits of ideals mended again and again
Until finally I can send
The finished masterpiece of what could have been
To parades of renegades up in a final explosion
Leading battalions of pacifists to prevent the erosion
Of justice all have needed to hide in their hearts
Begin revolutions with nothing but our art and determination’s heart
Start to open the eyes of the ignorant who haven’t realized
That when someone dies we all bleed
Become the conductor of our own instinctual symphony of sympathy
So we can see humanity’s so far from where we’re meant to be
And eventually through unopposed public unity
Make the ones that create hate flee
To live forever with angels in anarchy

The author's comments:
we are people, not nations, not religions, but human beings

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