Stoic Obsession

November 27, 2010
By Max Wolff BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Max Wolff BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Back when I had little concentration
Desperately wanting to make my mark
Not caring whom I had forsaken
I saw her gleaming in the dark

She was my salvation
Hair of autumn, more vibrant than any maiden
Eyes more deep than the ocean blue
She was perfect, though her name-Eden

The object of my fascination
With her rosy cheeks the sweetest hue
Soon enough she learned my name
Still I would never have her of that I knew

Then I felt a new sensation
She swore our feelings were the same
Words of an angel seem to blur
Flying above they missed my shame

For nothing could give the revelation
She was perfect, of that I am sure
And what was I but a snake
Yet her love never ceased to recur

I can think of but one explanation
I found myself kneeling for my sake
With hushed words dropping from my breath
Let me die before I wake…

Yet I had one more realization
Far from I was Nazareth
If I stole her dedication
Was I not the brother of Seth

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