This Unclaimed Heart of MIne

November 25, 2010
I don't know where you are.
I'm trapped in your jar of hearts.
Captured in your bag of souls.
Secrets still untold.
Saved on your computer hard-drive.
Do you expect me to live half alive?
The twinkle in your eyes that outshined the stars,
is now a piercing scar.
Broken records skitting across my mind
like your memory does a thousand times.
It's raining wilted petals
with fog rusting the pipes of metal.
I can't see through these clouds.
I hear your footsteps, so loud.
I have grown stronger than I was before.
I will never come back for more.
This unclaimed heart of mine
will never more beat for your lies.
Luminous eyes will penetrate you as they glisten.
As mine did when I bothered to listen.
I don't know who you think you are.
Don't call out to me, near or far.
You were my inspiration.
You have passed your expiration
It's too late.
We ended without a fight.
Countless tears fell for a year's worth of nights.
Two years have passed,
and who would have thought I would bounce back so fast?
I have plenty of time
to find another for this unclaimed heart of mine.
Thank you,
for what you put me through.
A weakling, no longer am I.
I feel alright.
No more swarming in the past.
For, I will never come back.
You pushed me, so I'd fall.
Don't come back for me at all.

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