Still A Bit Not Over You

November 25, 2010
By katmarie259 BRONZE, Alexandria, Virginia
katmarie259 BRONZE, Alexandria, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"I believe that everything happens for a reason..." -Marilyn Monroe

as i see you standing there
my first intention is to yell
and yet, for some reason i still care
my hearts as low as the burning depths of hell

just knowing your feelings toward me
makes me want to scream
i think of all we could be
but its not reality, just a dream

why does my heart want you?
all you do is cause me pain
its like a flower covered in dew
trying to shake away the rain

it hurts when i try to think
nothing that happened should have been the same
but we ended as fast as a blink
it was all part of your big game

i dont care who's to blame
i just want you, need you back
i try to get over it, but no ones the same
its like im constantly under attack

no matter how close i come
to moving on
i just can't say "im done"
to give up now would be giving up all hope
im not ready, i can't cope

i remember every moment we had
like it was the other day
i cant stop thinking; im always so sad
but maybe in time, i may

there is a chance
someone will come and change my mind
ill meet my prince charming
if only he wasn't so hard to find.

The author's comments:
As most teen girls know, getting over breakups are tough. I wrote this because I'm still crazy about my ex, a feeling so many women know.

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