lost faith in a nation

November 24, 2010

Force a gun to their heads
But they can never be dead
Even under unjust political arrest
Ideas create a bullet proof vest
Adversaries fight for the fame or the crest
True renegades fight for the name and what’s best
For the world, because poverty is not a jest
With an obligation to murder all mindsets that do not detest
The sight of innocent slaughter, bullets pressed through the heart
We all have an idea of what goes on but still never we start a movement
So in time our conscience begins to fall apart
But in this capitalist world compassion’s never what’s smart
Darts of death fly through the smoke and haze
To graze the heads of protestors, they will be dead within days
World’s a sick theatrical play, both dismayed and amazed
That somehow we let our souls become so crazed
When bodies drop to our feet and we don’t get fazed
Blood beneath drone’s boots, the devil’s coming loose
Misuse of power is allowed, just need an excuse
For reasons we let our own die, please tighten this noose
Call a truce between selfish ideals and what’s real
Give us the power to break the U.S. or make us able to regain
Our personal political power, to stop the devour
Of democracy in favor of a capitalist republic
Where the vote means nothing, only companies pick
Our next president, solely a slick public persona to rent
Vent to the American people we are without imperfection
A global super power without necessity to repent
For unreasonable demanding’s of needless casualty acceptance
Hence the hate this country has created
Can no longer be debated our empires end is dated

The author's comments:
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