interlude to a worlds fate

November 23, 2010

let's gove this war an encore
because i feel like more bodies need to hit the floor
more widows must grieve, more blind men must leave
to fight a battle decided by the elite
lying to us through their teeth, sucide feels like the only retreat
keep your heart in a locket you gave to your wife
while you murder another innocent made to live in strife
what if all the people lost to this war
from the start felt it wasn't worth fighting for
both sides told lies by the corruption that should bleed
the pain that i see, devils and angels conquering inside of me
we have plead for peace and justice all this time
not like we just missed the chance to do one last crime
to demonstrate determination in rebellious souls
but the ones in control dont want us to know
that for everyone there's peace we can find
the true keys for victory are within the mind
what if we were all kind no matter the circumstance
knowing that any moment could be the last dance
so we embrace each other like a child to their mother
sisters and brothers all supporting one another
able to weather any storm if only compassion remained untorn
in this sanctuary we all find why we are born
torn and crushed lives will realize it's easy to survive
when you stare unbiased into all faiths eyes
is this why we choose to survive?
to realize the compassion in all factions of humanities existence

The author's comments:
guess this one actually has a happy ending

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