November 9, 2010
By shannonbresnahan SILVER, Colfax, California
shannonbresnahan SILVER, Colfax, California
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The sun is sweltering hot in the sky
and the sea is a torrent of madness
but we feel freedom as we fly
and are not disturbed by thoughts of sadness.

We fly higher towards the sun, filled with joy
and don't notice what our pride can't handle
but what happens next will be the last of my young boy
as his makeshift wings start to unravel.

I fly back to my island and throw away my wings
and watch the birds come and go when they please
I hate to think because of what my thoughts bring
so ill just let my feelings blow away with the breeze.

"Oh why oh why was he taken from me?"
now I will never see my son become a man
all I wanted was for him to be free
and get off this horrid island.

One night my beloved son is in my dream
where he gives me an important message
but no words of his I can gleam
from this unusual presage.

He said:
"Go now father take your leave,
enjoy the freedom of flight
do not serve or weep for me
I'll be enjoying heavens delight."

Yet upon my earthly thought
I find a simple clue alight
from such a situation must be wrought
the freedom of heavenly delight.

So without a thought I get up from my seat
I pull out the wings that once brought me flight
staying here in sorrow would admit defeat
and in memory of my son I fly into the night.

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