another apocalyptic rant

November 7, 2010

How can saviors only save saints showing seas of black and white
Provoking fights of superiority, peaceful messages exist in plight
Seems the prophets were right, world peace is when the world falls to pieces
Creases in holy books left unread and saving secrets belong to the dead
Humanities hands colored red when our destiny is engrained to end in regret
Already placing bets on the date of our own collapse
Perhaps the world needs another apocalypse relapse
Fire and floods transpire with decorative gasps and screams
With gleams in the eyes of enraged angels
The banner star spangled dangled above vengeful flames
Killing the symbol to blame for the worlds shame
Paper cranes holding salvations words lying submerged in holy water
Differences become fodder to battles in need of reasons
Treasons of existence sanctioned by leaders with massacred resistance

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