The Girl

November 6, 2010
By Anonymous

You quickly walked away and felt nothing at all
While my chin quivered red and I tried to stand tall
Pick up the pieces of dignity that you had let fall
Desperately tried to call you and you tried to stall
But now that it's past I feel nothing at all
I was a girl who had never been crossed
The dice was thrown, the quarter tossed
I played the game, I obviously lost
I'm not sad, its all been glossed
And now I just wait for it all to defrost
I don't miss you, just a person around
A noise and a heartbeat in the background
A body for me, complete and unbound
You and I together made a whole compound
Now I long for the same, like a thirsty bloodhound
So I'm empty, and bored and I need a fill
I've got much love to waste and time to kill
Maybe I'll take on boys like I take my pills:
Erratically, statically and awaiting the thrill
Believing in the me that they might fulfill
Maybe a boy to melt the final chill
It can't be that bad, what the girls might say
It won't be that hard to keep the names at bay
Only the whole football team knows how I foreplay

Not just one guy, maybe a few, an array
To see my birthmark and how my red panties fray
I won't bother to control or abstain
Why, when all I think of is what I might gain?
Maybe they're wrong, might not be in vain
Wouldn't it be nice to have my personal chain
Of meaningless boys to lessen the pain
Of being alone, of a life so plain
No time to waste now, I've got reputations to stain

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