Ocean Beauty

November 7, 2010
By Emaleelovestosing BRONZE, Pineville, West Virginia
Emaleelovestosing BRONZE, Pineville, West Virginia
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Its not who we are, Or what weve done....Its who we become;-emalee

She lays at the bottom of the ocean
her body cold as ice
She tries so sing this song
she remembers only at nights
She tosses in turns trying to keep ground,
how can she keep it all togther...
when its just water all around,
she started to swim,
&& she started to sing..
I tried to reach for her..
but only my reflection looked back at me,
As I looked into the watery world.
My hand touched the water..
&& caused what a wonderful effect..
I look around,im all alone..
.....what happend?
ohhhh I used to sing,
I used to dance,
I used to love,
&& take a stand
for what I loved
&& what id fight for
&& now im just a someone..
you used to adore..
so now singing at the bottom of the ocean
yes, No rescue for me,
But honey im fine, dont pay no mind..
To this lonely ocean beauty

The author's comments:
This song is about how I feel inside,at times I want people to leave me alone & sometimes I feel like I am alone, Im in a my own world, under water to were I cant sing or cant breathe without someone judging me

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