deserving of better

November 7, 2010

Eyes cracked like glass
Everyone notices but none ask
About a life basked in unearned pain
And the blame rests on innocent shoulders
Self hate causes hearts to grow colder
Actions to relieve suffering become bolder
Dreams smolder with ashes of abuse
A compassionate soul in use by demons
Only way of life she has known
Lips sewn together, no hope for the better
Learned to weather any insult
Passive loathing locked in bolt to her psyche
Only I cant see how to heal her
Injustice stirs in eyes struck blind
Kind attentions bring polluted approval
Bring apprehensions t future selfless hate removal
Heart traitors to hopeful trust
Crushed eyes cant realize the good inside anymore

The author's comments:
about someone i know who was going throug a rough time

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