the beginning of breaking of broken systems

November 7, 2010

Adorned a mask to conceal a face that knows societies mistakes and the disgrace his nation lives in
Defiance labeled a sin and vengeance must come before personal peace can begin
Politicians hearts made of tin and greed to cause morality to bleed
Injustice plants the seed of anarchy from which revolution can grow
Rebels and saints return relief of life to evil men
Hate and hope the heaven sent instruments to make the heartless repent
Inflicting a dent to a murderous empire with desire of a new world order
Borders between cultures must topple to stop all kings undeserving of crowns
Happiness found only inside ourselves but the middle way was bound and withheld by consumerism
Leading to a final resolution to the disenchanted: destroy the system

The author's comments:
kind of inspired by v for vendetta....

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