Soldier's Poem

October 31, 2010
It was February, I remember
Freezing and snowing and wet
When your brown eyes and my blue ones
For the first time, met
Maybe it was love at first sight,
And maybe it was not
All I remember is my heart numbing
And I froze in that very spot
You had warm eyes that reflected your heart,
Exposing your gentle traits
I knew it was perfect, whatever it was
Destiny, or luck, or fate
Snowflakes glistened on your soft brown hair,
Each still perfectly in shape
They fell down your back and covered you,
In a white, angelic cape
Each of our breaths sent clouds into the air,
Our own little puffs of mist
I don’t know if you experienced it too,
But I was caught in sudden bliss
That winter melted into summer
That summer shifted into fall
Our relationship was a memorable one,
One I treasured above all
Our love, it flourished,
Like the flowers summoned each spring
It grew and expanded like the blossoms
That the seasons would always bring
I found my inspiration
In that charming glow in your eyes
You taught me how to love,
How to care and grow and try
With you came a freedom
That I had never felt before
Along with something I can’t quite explain
About you of which I adore
Through whatever mishaps that stumbled into my life,
Through whatever difficult times,
All I needed to do was think of you
And remind myself that you’re mine
It was you I told all my thoughts to,
It was you who felt each of my tears
It was you who cared about me more than the world
It is you who will always be here
Old age has grasped you, though I am still in my youth
Yet our friendship and love haven’t ceased
And still every time I take a wrong turn
I know that you’re are still mine, at least
You’ve taught me so much, so much more than you know,
Dear teacher and love and best friend
You’ve been by my side throughout most of my life
And I know you’ll be there till the end
Even when you’ve moved on, I’ll remember,
That love I was lucky to call mine
That tall and muscular, handsome and elegant,
Lovable, loyal equine

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