Designs Set to Rewind

October 20, 2010
Without so much as a single word
Your eyes caught mine
In the effervescent light
Of those divine

With those flecks of gold
Splattered like heaven garnishes
Against the almost cold
And bleak of plain

Though insufficient
I can’t turn away
Incandescence brilliant
Beneath fleeting shades of gray

Unspoken words bitter
But sweet all the while
Their taste of ink
Unpolluted like a newborn child

Creamy, oaky satin
Underneath the golden sun
Mirrored inspiration
Undertone and above

Pure reverberation
Crossing into a sliver
Luminescent in the shadows
Notes slightly quiver

Trembling breaks across the smooth
Full flushing operators
The action miniscule against
Tiny caricatures

Dusk hinted midnight wavers
Citrus refreshing
Wind in the still surrender
Chocolate empowering

Wrinkles signifying but age
For age knows no bounds
But the crinkle of satin rage
Into such quenching seas

The gray is faintly sad
Disappearing halos
Midnight engulfing
Sun stricken ice angels

Beneath the starlit canvas
Cobalt is what was plain
But fleeting wasn’t famous
Now it’s sizing hues

Cerulean for the ocean
Shy because of the sunrise
But most of all the heavens
For the gems in your sight

Oaky satin tans
The shadows erupting
Unlike that of any man
Exemplified perfection

My expression turns
Creasing lines
Nothing but yellow
Invisibly tied

The ink in those words
Leaks through white marble
They spill in chords
Marvelous the heard reflection

Mirrors of the luminescent
Across the tan satin
Redesigned into voluptuous
Transparent calligraphy

Harmony in your utterance
The manner in which operators inspire
Flushing through each motion
Deliverance nearly dire

Despite the cobalt
Eyes still sadden
Liquid glass reflective
Streaming down thus satin

A tilt of my own
No words exchanged
Silently asked question
Evident pain

Twisted expression upon furrows
Symbolizing uncertainty
The truth in the burrows
Beneath a shade of cerulean

A state of clarity
Still traveling constant
The sliver shrinking
Not understanding

Bitterness bites my tongue
The words portrayed
Unspoken and not
Thoughts of mine perforate

Crystal clear beads
Atop such fine oak
Is not suitable
But for those a mope

Through those spoken lines
Lies something blithe
Veracity in the raw
Usually perceived as myth

At that deliberation
The sliver again intensifies
To the tranquil light
Of midnight that seems to fly

Significant baby blue hues
Affect my chest like explosions in the sky
Dynamic within the shoes
And soles of translucent bystanders

Approach encroaches
Like moths to a flame
Or whispers on spring’s breath
To never I knew how things became

Operators follow roads
Pulling themselves closer
Eccentric is what they choose
Into sense never so tender

Satin is instead silk upon such features
Crystal beads warmer than expected
Caricatures gorgeous in view of mine
Cobalt and gold flecks detected

Divinities re-spark their light
And prove to have truth
Their once taken life
Is now rejuvenated

That once quivering sliver
Now bright with a shine
Prints tracing dimples
Almost like a first time

Operators flush as they greet
Handshakes exchange across
Each one makes sure to meet
As to leave no room for error

Every of the hands’ individuals
Their prints intricately designed
Lace together with space none
Seeming to be perfectly intertwined

Years must have passed
That time since the encounter of acquaintances
It is long since cast
Memory rebirthing into more amazing sights

Purgatory had been a long lived residence
One that seemed to extend eternity
A tyrant found its way to power
Wrath dictating such vicinity

Founding a path of my very own
Gold flecked irises crossed my path
Soon there were troubles untold
Leading us past more than we bargained for

With no words between the operators
Silence inhibits an EKG’s truth
Paradise closes its wings about caricatures
And again designs are set to rewind

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