Empty Halls

October 19, 2010
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I walk these empty halls again,
So lost and cold without a friend,
These corridors with forgotten memories,
That show me what used to be...

The days grow short and the nights are long,
Yet I'm still here looking on,
A photograph that used to be,
A picture of you and me...

As time goes on,
It slowly fades away,
With the dawning of,
An empty day...

Well my hollow heart
Has finally given out,
Its grown cold inside,
Just let me say goodbye...

The dream is over,
The glass has broken,
And I walk on like I know I must,
And leave my heart to fall to dust...

Leave the pain and leave the hurt,
I don't want this anymore...
Take the memories and let them burn,
Then make the feelings fall and turn...

Into nothing but dust in the wind,
Never to be felt again...
Tunr away without a sound,
Please just let me make it out...

Of these empty halls
With burning pictures,
As the flames rise high,
It's still cold inside...

Memories lost,
And time forgot,
Night comes along and my ashen heart,
Fades with the dust and forever parts...
Never to come back again...

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