River of Flames Hymn

October 15, 2010
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Hello there come in come now
A story i must tell the
The story of this boy and how
His inner demon of three

Looks of a average child
A smile on his chin
If you knew the side of wild
You'd run away and cringe

He had a demon called three
Living in his soul
This demon was and always will be
The one with the main role

The boy knew and held it back
The demon from within
But after awhile it would attack
And end the boys friend

The friend tried to save the child
But never would succeed
The demons haven was defiled
And fail he did you see

The demon took over the boy
And grabbed the friend by throat
"Little child your time has come"
"Its time to ride the boat"

Dragging the boy down to hell
Throat still in his hand
This boy was now just a shell
There will be no last stand

"Please sir don't do this to me"
"I just tried to help"
"Ha ha ha you little fool"
"Shut it you little whelp!"

They boarded the boat from which he spoke
Across the river of the Flames
Will he die and will he croak
Who cares it all the same

For this is where the story ends
For i am the boat keeper
And after river there is no bend
Just a climb which is steeper, and steeper

Till you reach the top
From there you start to fall
No life can withstand this drop
Slowly death succumbs us all

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