Guilty Anger

October 14, 2010
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My stomach flips,
What a charade,
I nearly vomit
On this days parade,

Take me away,
Let me fly out of here,
Away from this sickness,
I'll be nowhere near

If I could fly I would,
but Im stuck on the ground,
With this bile in my throat,
And a pain I have found.

Leaning over the side,
Of this rocking ship,
The fakers, the liars...
im done with this

Take me by the colar,
Drag me away,
Like the dog I much be,
and a dog I will stay.

In the eyes of the others,
I am nothing but pain,
My heart aches, and head spins,
As I vomit again.

This world spins too fast,
As I lean over the rail,
I feel so alone...
My bones become frail...

Take this away from me,
God, I can't breathe...
But the nausea rocks on,
And this fury won't cease

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