My World

October 4, 2010
By Anonymous

The world sits upon my shoulders,
I hear it scream as I falter,
I trip and I stumble along with life,
And the whole world screams in terror.

Not because I may hurt myself,
But because of their impending doom,
They cry tears of selfish worry,
And the world just soaks in the gloom.

I carry it as I walk this path
It weakens me every day,
As my muscles grow ever more tired,
I somehow find the will to remain.

Somehow every day I do this,
I carry this horrid world.
The world that has done nothing more
Then try to ruin this free spirited girl.

There is one redeeming quality,
Which helps me to carry on,
One reason not to destroy this world,
It helps me, keeps me strong.

Something changed my world somehow,
And helped me win this fight,
You have made me stronger, love,
And now the world seems light.

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