Nothing Better to Do

September 30, 2010
By joanofarc BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
joanofarc BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
everyone and everything are in a constant state of bugging.

The universe spat great waves of heat at us that night/
It was a mean joke to all of us, the heat’s arid bite/
So imagine our distress as we joined our friends below/
And felt the heat was worse then ever in the gloomy glow//

Soon they began to slink on down, a disheveled horde/
I did not feel as one of them, standing awkwardly by the door/
“I doubt anyone came for us.” Stephen said to me/
“It’s fine,” I answered, not afraid, “We’ll play like Gods, you’ll see//

It had been arranged for us to play much closer to last/
Causing us to stand on edge, as we all knew of the past/
You see, we had had quite a few visits from the police/
But the show would go on, despite what qualms were held with our showpiece//

“I’ve been living,” chanted John Galm as he took upon the stage/
“Like a sailor,” we answered, the crowd in a joyous rage/
In those brief moments, with Snowing playing loud/
I couldn’t care about the cops, my friends and I were proud//

But as Snowing finished the set, my fears, they came again/
And with them back, I became aware of coming sirens/
I froze and stood straight, attempting to gauge where the men might be/
Who sought to lock us up just to put an end to our glee/
Seeking to do what I had planned, I stood and pushed through the crowd/
My mates all did the same, suddenly no longer loud/
Stephen plugged in his guitar and whispered, “When will they be here?"/
“I don’t know,” I answered back, “but I will have no fear.”//

Tuned and ready, my drummer indicated to begin./
I took a breath and grasped the mic, looking out over my kin./
Stephen became rigid, Aidan took up his great bass./
The song began, a scream was heard, and in came Officer Chase.//

The author's comments:
This is rather self-explanatory, I think. The story of my first show, sort of.

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