A Day at Six Flags

September 30, 2010
By michelle1234 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
michelle1234 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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It was an incredibly hot day outside today/
My friend and I wanted to find something we could play/
“Let’s go to six flag!” Shannon proclaimed/
“Great idea, but hopefully it won’t rain,” Emma explained//

We decided to ask our parents and they said yes/
We needed four people to come so we called up Jess/
Now that no one had to ride alone, we hit the roads/
My friends were excited when we arrived, but I just froze//

My favorite ride, Kingda Ka, was actually working/
My friends were walking, but I ran through people jerking/
We finally got to the ride and waited on the line/
We got to the front of the line and I thought, “It’s about time!”//

We got strapped in the ride and waited to be shot off/
I thought the seats were so cushiony and soft/
There was all this commotion and I didn’t know what’s going on/
The man on the speaker announced something, his name was Don//

“We are having technical difficulties” Don shouted/
“This is the only ride I wanted to go on!’ I pouted/
There was still a chance that we could ride so we stayed strapped in/
We waited a while and were scared our chances were thin//

They kept announcing the problem and we were all getting sad/
The one ride I wanted to go on, it was so bad/
The day could not have been worse; we were all stuck on the ride/
I just wanted it to work and I thought I almost died//

The workers were walking around trying hard to fix it/
Another announcement came on saying the coaster has quit/
All has been done and said, the ride is broken for the day/
We got off the ride for good, it wasn’t such a great day//

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