The Tummy that Could

September 30, 2010
By Marc Stasio BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Marc Stasio BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Off to school in the morning, my stomach went a rumble/
And all through the day my apetite went to crumble/
Through the halls and through the rooms, my hunger changed my mood/
There was only one thing I needed and that was some food/

With a grumble in my tummy, and a growl from down below/
My hunger keeps cascading, and my head moves to and fro/
Each forty-five minute period makes me want to scream/
If only I had not left my tummy spotless clean/

I keep shifty eyes with impatient airs and a salivating mouth/
If only I had eaten my breakfast, like the rest of the Krousses/
I am a foolish boy who always takes his chances/
But sooner or later, these choices will have me doing dances/

Fourth period, oh fourth period, where art thou?/
Third period is almost over so please fourth come now!/
Ten minutes left of spanish class, just ten more minutes of period three/
Ten more minutes till, finally yes! Can it be?/

Lunch at last, lunch at last, thank God almighty, Lunch at last!/
My mouth now salivating, breakfast is gone and long past/
With each closer step in line, scents gets stronger and stronger/
"Come on!" I yell now angry, "can this take any longer?"/

The smell is unfamiliar with my nose, an unheard song/
"Could it be pizza, or maybe soup? Five dollar foot-long?"/
These thoughts I pondered at the back of line, still I'm not sure/
Ready to go nuts, my pit of a stomach needs the cure/

FOOD! Yes I see some kind of greenish colored sort of dish/
Perhaps it could be some kind of imported ocean fish?/
But wait! Is this a joke? some sort of playful mockery?/
And there it was, my lunch, but all I found was some broccoli/

The author's comments:
This was the first assignment of my high school english experience.

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